Why my ‘Little Blog’ Means so Much to me…

My interest with blogging started when I decided I was going to stay home when out daughter was born. Blogging almost seemed like it was the most logical decision. If I am staying home, the least I can I do is start blogging so I can earn a little money. Easy peasy.

I looked into it a little bit, but I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing. I eventually put enough time into it that I figured out how to generate a blogspot page. That took me a while because I really have a pretty basic skill set when it comes to technology. I will put off installing an update on my phone if it means I have to delete or transfer anything to get it done. I guess I would say, it can be overwhelming.

With the help of others and more time to dedicate I am finally up and running. Hopefully the readers will follow. I can see why most folks throw in the towel within the first 6 months.

When you tell people that you’re blogging I am pretty sure you get the same blank stare which is usually then followed with forced support.

“Oh really, that’s great. I will have to check it out!”

And I totally get that. I am pretty sure 95% of new stay-at-home mom’s have dabbled with the idea of blogging when they stumble across a success story or see a post floating around that looks like something anyone can write.  Like my sister-in-law ninasays told me once the realization of the work it takes and time it takes people often give up on it.

I am not going to pretend my story is any different, either. Once worker bee turned boo boo kisser. College graduate who now stores her once treasured diploma in the same closet as the gift wrapping supplies.

None-the-less, I put together a short list of reasons my ‘little blog’ means so much to me:

1. If I don’t get out how I feel, I am convinced my once pretty little head, now tired and slightly older head, will explode.

2. I need to feel productive in something other than mothering and wifeing.

3. I am not sure if it is my personality, past life as a professional or need for validation, but blogging allows me to set goals, work on something that is my own, be creative and write. All ingredients that help me to feel fulfilled.

4. Boredom. I tote my kid around pretty much every where I go. Everywhere. But somehow having a 14-month old pretty much means being home a lot. Also, my house doesn’t clean itself and the meals certainly don’t magically appear three times a day, so we are home a lot. I get bored with some of the mindless labor that goes into running a household (cleaning, laundry, meal prep) and having this creative outlet is important to my sanity and working brain cells.

5. The thought of being able to help out financially really gets my motor revving.

6. I know by reading blogs by some of the popular mom bloggers that my perspective is unique and my two-cents might resonate with another mom. I get a great feeling when I read a post I relate to. Mothering is hard and it can be isolating, so the internet is a great way to stay connected to other moms. Our village is different now. I want to be a part of that village.

With the amount of blogs out there, I get it. Finding a new brand or niche is nearly impossible. I have a TON of things to learn. Just spending 5 minutes on someone else’s sight I find 10 things I need to do to mine. So much to learn for someone who is not very ‘techy’. I expect to be fine-tuning my site years to come. One thing is sure though, I am determined to find a place in the blogging world!






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