Waiting to Have Kids Until Your Thirties isn’t all it’s Cracked Up to Be…

Nowadays people often choose to have kids later in life, choose to have fewer kids than pervious generations and sometimes choose to forego procreation all together. I fall into the first category. I have always been a goal setter and I have had a life plan for as long as I can remember. I can get out of sorts when life throws me a curveball, so I counteract this by planning what I can. I always have. I still don’t understand how I ditched so many classes as a teenager. The thought of being late or having to lie about my whereabouts sends me into a spiral of sweat and anxiety. So being able to plan out my day-to-day life and leaving the spontaneity for vacations has always been my thing.

So, my life plan was to join the Navy, go to college and eventually earn my PhD in psychology. I was 9 years into my Navy career and just starting my graduate program when I met my husband. It was sooooo not in the plans to fall in love and get married, let alone move to a state neither of us had ever been to, buy a house and have a baby. But, life has funny way of pointing you in the direction you are supposed to go. One day I woke up and realized I was 29 and had this overwhelming urge to make a tiny human. I always thought my maternal clock was broken or missing. Turns out was just on a timer. By 30 I was smelling babies, browsing the baby stuff at Target and making list of baby names.

So what is the problem with waiting to have kids? Well here is a short list of reason’s why waiting to have kids until your thirties kind of sucks.

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1. You have lived a full decade of adult life, so you know what you are missing.

2. You are “settled” into a routine and lifestyle so adding another person into the mix is tricky.

3. You know what being rested feels like, and you miss it more than anything else.

4. You enjoyed a routine of primping before hand because hello, daddy didn’t marry me sight unseen. Now primping is shaving your legs up to your knee and removing your unibrow.

5. Watching all of the other parents your age teaching their kids how to drive kind of sends you into a rage because they are almost done and you are instead tackling potty training and lopsided tits.

6. You have to nod and smile while your baby-free kids talk about their AWESOME life. That’s hard.

7. You can get away with looking frumpy in your 20s… it’s the bohemian trend. In your thirties you just look like someone who either needs help or a hug. And you usually do.

8. You force yourself to do things like play dates, go to story time at the library and blog about your life.

9. You feel guilty that your other thirty-something friends are struggling with infertility.

10. You have to realize that one day soon, you will be the uncool mom… because you are old.



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