To my Husband, About Yesterday

Yesterday was your birthday, and I realize this day hasn’t really been special to you for quite sometime. I am still trying to fix that.

I feel a birthday, no matter the age, should be acknowledged AND celebrated. Your life is not promised to you and it is not easy.

There are societal guidelines to follow (don’t shit in the street for example), expectations of you (earn money and pay bills with said money) and of course human principles we follow that make us a civilization (don’t slap people who make you angry, say thank you and perhaps get some paperwork that supports your ability to carry a weapon on your person).

You sir, did all of these and them some last year, you work hard to stay healthy and you woke up today. Let’s toast to that, shall we?!

I know we could not do much this year, as in go throw money away on food and booze, but we sure did fill the day with stuff that makes you happy. Dirt, quiet time, pizza and a mediocre cake that I baked you. And I loathe baking, dear. Yes I know, I had to have that mixer.

Anyway, this is a day late because I do my best work when the house is quiet and that is a rare moment around here. Your little likes to wake up ass early, just like her daddy. Today, however, she slept in and I found myself with some time to write and you were the first thing I wanted to write about.

I know yesterday was your day, but it got me thinking this morning  about how lucky I am and how I  have very fulfilled life. We both work hard on this life we have created together, we share similar goals and we have common principles that have held us together . I will save the mushy stuff for our anniversary next week, but I want you to know that I am a very happy and fulfilled woman, and that makes it easy to be a happy mom and wife. I love you, and I will continue to make a big deal about your birthday! Happy 37th.


Daddy and Charlotte


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