Who is Suburban Mishap

Suburban Mishap

After getting out of the Navy and graduating with MS in psychology my husband and I decided to plant roots in South Carolina; a place neither of us had ever been. I was a photographer for most of my time in the Navy, ended my tour as more of journalist, but always planned for a career in the psychology field. Fast forward 2 years, Charlotte arrives and I find myself a stay-at-home mom. And I love it. This is my view of my journey; a lighted-hearted and sarcastic take at being a domestic facilitator and professional butt wiper. I give you a first-hand look into my world; my skills, my lack of skills, my crazy and my ability to laugh at it all.

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Photographer, writer, life-coach and kick-ass mother and chef. Fuck you, it's my blog I can say what I want.