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Everyone isn’t going to like you, and that sucks.

You see, I am a people pleaser and when things go sour with someone it isn’t possible for me to just shake it off. It will eat at until something new takes the place. Like seriously… I am neurotic to the point that I analyze any interaction I had that day that felt toxic in some way, virtually or face-to-face. I am always offending, annoying and scaring someone. Maybe it is that exhale sarcasm and suffer from resting bitch face. Or maybe it is that I take the whole ‘treat people how you want to be treated’ way of thinking and apply to all avenues of my life. I bet it is that whole missing filter thing I was warned about by an elementary teacher. Anyway, I usually find myself in trouble with someone.

I realize that not everyone shares my way of thinking and that is normal considering we all come from different walks of life. But I will share my opinion as this is my blog and the whole point of suburban mishap.

I am a server right now, which means I work in the service industry where you have mostly high school kids, young adults in college, older adults who can’t really be employed anywhere else and then my group (moms who want to raise their own kids so they choose a job with flexible hours). I have to tell you, the new generation of adults entering the work force is scary as shit. I am not sure if the kids I work with literally have no work ethic, or they just feel like it can be situational. Perhaps they don’t take being a server as a serious job, and I get that. But to go there and literally throw temper tantrums when someone didn’t ask you if you ALSO wanted a milk shake with your dinner order that was delivered to you by a nice person who willingly did a food run. Or to literally walk right by someone who is doing the work that is assigned to you while the manager yells at everyone walking by for help. Who is raising these lazy and self-obsessed brats and setting the standard of acceptable work ethic?

These same types of individuals are the first ones to notice and comment if someone gets something  and they do not. Maybe my husband has a valid point about handing out rewards and ribbons to everyone who just participates. I’m not positive there is a link, but you know I see a very real ‘me me me’ mentality from the young people just entering the world. It goes further then my generations average know-it-all mentality. Now it is the know-it-all attitude and wanting a fucking reward for it.

Has society encouraged parents to keep focus on responsibility and discipline so much that they forget humility and work-ethic? I won’t even go so far as to include teamwork, because I am sure I learned that during my 11-year Navy career. But I can most certainly say that my parents made sure I knew what hard work was and humility before I left at 17. I was always reminded that someone out there has it worse that me when I was feeling sorry for myself, as most young minds do.

It is a struggle for someone like me who wants to people please, make friends, avoid the scary people and just enhance the over all environment in a positive way. I get bent out of shape if someone doesn’t like me. Even if I really don’t like the person to begin with, knowing they feel some way about me eats at me. It’s that incorrectly wired brain of mine.

So where am I going with this rant? Well, things have bubbled up at work and I am on some shit lists. Why? I really really do not like people who do not pull their own weight in the work place. No matter where the work place happens to be. Hell, if I were a prostitute, I would be the hardest working girl with the cleanest corner and organized drug bag. So when I have to drag my tired ass to work in the evening, it makes me a little pissy when I end up doing the work or like 4 or 5 other people. What people? Those darn high schoolers and young adults (plus one or two 40 year olds)  who would rather sit around and complain instead of passing the time, Idk, doing their job. Our job isn’t that hard after all. The bottom line is, what really pisses me off about it, is that my tips, as well as others, suffer because we have to spend time doing another person’s work because the manager gets fed up and starts yelling at everyone they see to get SHIT DONE. So you see, it is like a domino reaction. If I see something that needs to be done, assigned to me or not, I do it if I can. That is a foreign concept to way too many people I know.

After awhile I get annoyed, bitchy and I let you know in some way or another. Then, people start not liking me. If  I could just go to work, do the bare minimum and go home I would be voted most popular. Hands down. Ok maybe that is too far, but it doesn’t matter because that is not me. And dammit, who the fuck wants to be that asshole? I remember long long ago, in my previous life, having quite a bit of beef with a few of my senior female bosses. I generally thought they were meant and picking on me… I still remember each and every one of them and how angry and confused I ended up feeling around them. I respected them though, and I certainly I learned from them. So this is where I have to let this go. I have to learn to except that I am finally old enough that I don’t get the older generation and now I don’t get the younger generation… cest la vie.

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