38 things that annoy me, for my husband’s birthday…

Hey babe I thought I would generate an overall list of things, silly to important, that just annoy the crap out of me.  So at anytime, you can revert to this list to check-in on why I may be throwing some ‘tude, shade, bitchiness’ and any other shitty energy your way.

I thought last year I went sappy, this year I will real in the emotions. After all this month has had enough tears with school starting.

What are the 38 things that annoy Jenniffer… ready… set.. go.

  1. passive aggressive behavior
  2. passive aggressive behavior
  3. chipped nail polish, just take the shit off. I mean if one out 10 are chipped, that’s fine. But any more than one means start over. Try gel polish, its 2017.
  4. nice manicured hands and fucked up looking toes. Why?
  5. people who don’t open the door for you when you are clearly struggling
  6. empty toilette paper rolls, and not a fresh one in sight
  7. shit left in the toilette. Just take a peak and make sure it’s gone.
  8. Yelling at me from downstairs or another room. If you want to talk, and need a response, get the fuck up.
  9. people who think wearing chakra stones means something. You have to do the work first asshat.
  10. people who don’t drink water. I don’t get it; we are made up primarily of water
  11. people who feed their kids shitty food, put ipads in their face, not worry about schedules or sleep and label them ADHD.
  12. women who do not support other women, but instead try and tear them down.
  13. prejudice of any kind
  14. prejudice of any kind
  15. screaming and laying hands on babies in diapers
  16. people who really think formula is just as good as hard working pumped milk that comes from tired, chapped and all around pained tits.
  17. people who do not tip at least 18%– servers choose to serve just like you choose to dine out.
  18. men who talk down to women
  19. people who enjoy belittling others
  20. people who take no responsibility in their lives.
  21. the forever victim
  22. not saying thank you
  23. or please
  24. small talk
  25. negative energy
  26. people who refuse to see anything positive
  27. uncooked onions
  28. bugs
  29. not being appreciated
  30. not having morning coffee
  31. bad attitudes
  32. girls who need help with everything (I can’t reach this and I can’t lift that)
  33. bad Italian food
  34. bad wine
  35. fake people
  36. dishonesty of any kind, even if it is to spare feelings.
  37. how my house continues to get dirty every time I clean it
  38. not getting a kiss good bye from you.

I love you mister Garvey.

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